Sunday, September 26, 2010

Night Time thoughts :)

I could not get to sleep tonight, and decided to Open the Bible to Matt. 14: 22- 33. I realized just how much I actually love this bible story. When reading it tonight I kinda had to laugh at myself thinking, Jesus here told Matthew that he had little faith after being afraid on the water. I can easily relate due to being afraid so often. It occurred to me tonight that Jesus does not want us to be afraid, instead he wants us to trust him. But in the case that we are afraid, he is here to help us and give us a hand. I really found that passage really good, and I found it spoke to me.  I think sometimes I don't give God enough credit, and tend to take matters into my own hands when afraid..thinking I need to help myself..when in reality things would be so much better off if I were to trust him and decide everything was going to be alright. There's my thoughts for the night. :) Have a good night.

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