Friday, April 22, 2011

Making God # 1!

Hey girls,

You know what I noticed this morning? Well I noticed a few things, but I realized I had been neglecting my blog here. I have been back and forth thinking about closing it down, or just maybe not posting in it so often. Luckily, I have decided to keep it running, there will just not be posts on the blog from me nearly as frequently. (: So thats good news! But really now.. as I realized that I was neglecting the blog, I also realized I was neglecting something else. Something WAY more important then a silly blog on the internet. You want to take a wild guess at what that is? You guessed it! God. Sure, I have been talking to him every day. Sure, I have been reading the Bible more then once a week. But I made a huge mistake. I was spending more time in Ministry, then I was spending time with him. Spending a good amount of time in Ministry and helping others can be a good thing, yes. Don't get me wrong there. But here is where I messed up. Participating in the Ministry took a higher priority then having quiet times with God and spending time with him. Instead of spending some time with him like I should have been, I would have quick conversations with him through the entire day, spend a few days out of the week in his Word but really never sat down and went, "Okay God, this time is yours. I won't think about everything I have to do or should be doing. This time is all yours." The thing is, that step there is so important. Making the time to sit down and spend time with God, but also saying "You know what? This time is ALL yours and ONLY yours." I think thats where we mess up a lot of the time. So you know I want to encourage you this week to find something that you have been placing before God. This can be anything that you have spent more time with but him. Some examples are a boyfriend, school work(although school is mandatory, you need to know when to stop and give God some time), friends, your job, or even ministry. Everyone will be unique in what they find here. But pray to God for him to show you what is getting in between your relationship. Once he shows you, start working with him on changing that and making God first in your life. Spend some quiet time with him and try to spend time with him every day. You will feel so much more refreshed and loved, and in my case.. I might just have even more love and excitement for Ministry if God is being placed first. (:

Side Note: I changed the background of the blog because the old one got old. I also took the music off the blog until I can find the time to change the music options on there. (: Hopefully its not too pink, and if so then please let me know. Have an awesome day, and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me using the form above. Thanks!

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