Thursday, March 21, 2013

Now I Wait

Hey everyone!

These past few days have been very interesting for sure. It's very new to me to go from a such a dull life, a life that I really wasn't ever living, to now being alive. And with these changes and this process God has been taking me through, there has been something huge that I have had to learn, and am most definetly still learning. That is waiting. Waiting on God.

I don't know about you, but most of the time for me, I wait like a child with a very short attention span. "Okay God, I'll be patient. I'll wait." 20 seconds later. "Oh but God I really want to know now, can I pleeeaaasseee know now?" Okay. So maybe it's not 20 seconds later. But sometimes, it really is. Humans don't like to wait. I personally hate waiting and being patient. But sometimes waiting can be really good for us.

When I was in the process of praying and seeking God about what His will was for me concerning the Honor Academy, it was hard to wait for answers. I wanted to know what I was doing, and when. And honestly, even now, it is a continual feeling I have to fight. Earlier today I just submitted my application fee for my application to attend the internship this August. Now that I have officially submitted that, all aspects of my application are done. The online application, the references, the phone interview, the fee. So now, I really have one more thing left to do. I wait. And trust.

As I've started to notice, I can't just wait without trust. I guess I could, but it would make the entire process so much harder. Waiting with trust makes the entire process so much easier. Sometimes I still get a bit antsy and want to know what will be going on. But to be honest, once I find out when I'm accepted or not, I'm still going to want to know what's going on. So sometimes God just calls us to wait and rest in Him. What a beauty that I get to start learning these things now. :) I recently found this Bible verse I thought I would share.

"Rest in the Lord and be willing to wait for Him. Do not trouble yourself when all goes well with the one who carries out his sinful plans. " ~ Psalm 37:7

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