Saturday, November 13, 2010

"This is all too much!!!!"- Overextending

Angel sighed and looked up from her science notebook to answer the phone. "Hello?" She questioned. "Hi Angel-I just wanted to make sure you remembered the party tomorrow at 3?" Angel sighed as she all the sudden was reminded of the party she had made plans to go to. "Yeah, I'll be there."After hanging up the phone she continued to try and work on her science lesson that was far from making sense. Her mom soon came up the stairs to remind her that she had play practice the next day and she needed to practice for it. Not too long after, she remembered she needed to email back a response for the job application that she had submitted earlier in the week before it was too late. She needed that job.Not to mention God, that she had barley talked to or cared about all within the past week.

Sound a lot like your life? I know it sounds very similar to mine at the moment! :) When you have so many things stacked up to do, like play practice, trying to get a job, nagging school work, a friend that needs to know you still care, and God who is desperately trying to have a relationship with you.  Its time to stop overextending yourself and get your priorities strait. I dont know about you but when I sit down to do school work I can find that the smallest little thing can be so distracting and I can get nothing done! it can be so annoying. When you find that these little things are being so much of a both you should stop and decide what is most important in that list. I dont know about you, but when I look at that list..I easily see that God should be number 1 in this situation. Once he is placed first..the rest will soon follow. So I dare you all to give this a try. Take one situation in your life that you are feeling really stressed out in, and give it to God and just see what happens. I think you will be amazed by the results. :) Sometimes all it takes is giving it to God. (not as easy as it sounds, I know) Anyways..I hope everyone has an awesome evening. Tell me how this goes! God Bless!

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