Sunday, November 7, 2010

When Your Friend is Stressed...

Hello Family and Friends,
Last time I posted I talked about stress in general, and some common ways to deal with stress so you can still function during the day. But one thing I did not really bring up too much, is what to do if your friend is stressed out. I decided to bring that up tonight. :)When a friend is stressed out the best thing you can do for them is be there for them. Sometimes it can be as simple as a phone call to let them know you care, or something like talking to them in person. You need to let them know that even when everything in their life is stressing them out, they can still come to you for help and most importantly, someone to talk to. Friends need someone to talk to. Without friends all of us would be lonely right? I bet, if you were stressed you would want your friend helping you out too. :) Also, besides just being there for your stressed out friend you also might want to tr and figure out the cause of the stress in your friends life. For everyone, it is different. It can be family, friends, or even relationships. You never know. Let your friend talk, they should be able to express their feelings and it can make them feel a lot less stressed out and more relaxed just to know that someone wants to listen. So, like I mentioned before, be there for your friend, let her talk, and try to figure out what's going on. When you figure out the source of the problem, you might be able to stop the stress and help your friend out. If not, then at least you know to avoid the subject until they are no longer stressed about it.(Unless of course they bring it up, then it's fine)Lastly, if the problem is big enough you should suggest that they see a professional to get some help in the area. Make sure you present this idea positively. :)  So, just a wrap up of everything that's been said. Be there for them, Let them talk, Try to figure out the problem, and if needed have them contact a professional or a trained adult. :) So, there's my thoughts on what to do when you have a stressed out friend. I hope everyone has a great night tonight, I had a good night myself. :) God Bless!

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