Saturday, July 23, 2011

Camp NaNo Update- Day 23

Total Word Count: 59,571
Total Word Count Goal For The Day: Again, not a concern at the moment. ;)
Mood: Tired
Update: So now is where you are sitting here thinking, "Didn't she win NaNo already? Why is she posting another update?" Well even though I have officially crossed the finish line, I decided I wanted to create another personal goal for myself. To push myself just a little harder this month. So pretty much, this is what happened. When I crossed the 50K finish line, I stopped and took a break. A little over a week break actually, with only a few thousand words being written over that time. For the longest time, I was continually beating myself up over it. Saying things to myself like, "I should be writing", "Why am I ignoring my novel?", and "Was I in this just for the word count?" Well I figured out the answers to these questions. I was just tired. I had written so many words in such little time, I was just tired of writing. So I kinda took a sigh of relief when I crossed the goal. Well now my motivation is back up, and I'm excited to keep going! My personal goal is to make it to 60K, but I just might have to change that goal here soon. ;) I'm a little close to that goal already!

I know I have told you all this so many times, but once again I wanted to stop and thank all of you who have been supporting me this month! Writing a novel in a month has been an insane but amazing experience, and one I hope I will never forget. (: So a huge thank you to everyone out there who has been encouraging me when I need it most! *hands you a s'more*

One last thing before I go! I still can't quite make up my mind about whether or not I should participate in the August Camp NaNo! It starts next month, so I need to start trying to decide if I want to participate or not. If you could please vote on the poll to the right of the blog, and let me know your opinion, it would be greatly appreciated! Love you guys!

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