Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Forbidden Feelings

Here is a Poem that I randomly created today while thinking about some things. I thought I'd share it here. Hope you guys like it. This is the first poem I have ever really created. :) It is kinda based on my feelings and I found that is how some of the best poems are created-through feelings. :)

Forbidden Feelings

That day we met you had a sparkle in your eyes
Now I don’t see why
You smile at me, look at her
Hug me, spend time with her

We hear the audience in the background,
You pat my back and wish me luck,
I do the same in hope the night will go well,
Only to have the night end badly

The next time I see you holding hands,
A reminder I was not good enough,
I don’t see why you chose her
I cared for you, but not like that mattered now.

Now it’s too late to change the facts,
I just wish our friendship would have mattered,
More than it does now

I wish you luck on the road ahead,
And hope you make it last somehow.

By Angelica Shook

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