Monday, October 11, 2010

"True Friends" Another Poem

Hey Family and Friends,
I have been busy writing poems and I decided to share another one with you.  It's called "True Friends" I hope you like it!

True Friends

I hear the phone ring late at night,
Rolling over in bed I realize it’s you,
And answer the phone,

Worried as ever you ask for my help,
Happy to help we stay on the phone,
Talking through the problem till it’s resolved,

Ready to help I calmly explain,
Everything’s fine, no need to worry,
Friends are always there to help,
In times of fear and worry,

True friends will stay awake late hours of the night,
Ready to help when a problem arises,
Slowly talking through the problem at hand,
Calming my friends ragged heart,

Sometimes that’s what a friend is for,
Helping in times of trouble,
But others they can just be there to talk,
It’s good to know they are there,

To my good friend I care for,
I hope you feel better,
Everything will turn out fine I am sure,
But just in case, I’m here

True friends will always stick together,
True friends will always care,
To my true friend, I wish you well,
I care for you so much

I’ll always be here when you need me,
Ready to answer the phone,
To my true friend I love you,
And will always be here for you.

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