Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Funny Practice..

Hey family and friends,
Tonight when we had practice, everything was a little-wacky to say the least. :) It was what we can a glib run, everything is mixed up a bit and is overall a stress free environment. It was so much fun! I could not have asked for it to be better.  Sometimes experiences like these-also teach you lessons. You can learn from reacting badly to different things. I acted on my feelings tonight-the end result was not as bad as I expected-but I am expecting things to get a little rough from here on out. All I'm saying-is be careful on what actions you make and how that might effect others emotions. :) It can be a sticky situation when you are not careful. I am glad to be able to have a fun night tonight but there were some things I would have done differently if given the chance. :) Have a good night guys. The day after tomorrow marks the 8th. That means more performances and more stress. Hopefully..not. :)

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